Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminium foil.

Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminium foil

Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminium foil!

We can all agree it’s an amazing feeling when you turn of legal age to start driving! Passing your driving exam is a milestone. And gives you a new found freedom that comes with having four wheels. Most of us would be lost without having a car. Being able to drive places, like to and from college, work ect is extremely handy. We take that freedom for granted and always expect to just jump in our car whenever we need.

However thanks to the new key-less technology in newer vehicles, auto-thefts have risen by 30 percent. Not only would it be infuriating to have your car stolen, it can be extremely frustrating! You would not be able to do the simple tasks like driving to work or get groceries ect. It can cause major expenses, and it’s not guaranteed that the car will ever be found if stolen!

So, Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminium foil? Here’s what happens…

Experts blame the rise of auto theft on the ‘so-called sophistication’ of modern vehicle security systems and the Key-less technology. Although it is great for being able to access your car without having to press a button.
It means thieves don’t need your key to steal your car!

These crimes usually occur at night. Criminals can capture the fob signals from outside your home by using a simple device. The device is able to copy the signal code and amplify the sound. Even when the key is not near the car. Basically, they rely on the fact that your keys are likely to be hanging up by the door or sitting on the counter top.

But don’t panic. There are a few simple ways of protecting yourself from being a victim with one simple hack.

If you are worried and don’t mind investing money in protecting your vehicle then you can buy a signal blocking bag that you can put your keys in overnight.

Alternatively, an old fashioned metal biscuit tin can be used. Simply put your keys into the biscuit tin each night! Then the metal insulation will mean the thieves can not steal the signal code. Another great method that can be used for during the day while you are carrying your keys about, is aluminium foil. Simple wrap your fob tightly with aluminium foil and it will block the signal. Not only is it effective it also costs next to nothing.

You can test out the theory yourself. Simply wrap your fob in a few layers of foil, making sure it is tight so the signal has no gaps to seep through. Then stand beside your car and try to unlock it. If done properly the car will not open because the signal will have been blocked. Then you can sleep soundly at night knowing even with the thieves devices they won’t be able to drive off in your car.

If you want any more information on this check out clark.com/cars/ who has a whole video on Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminium foil.

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