What your finger shape says about your personality.

What your finger shape says about your personality

Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their hands. For centuries palm reading has been done around the world. It is said to give indications on your life, health and future. But did you realise that your finger shape says a lot about you! Keep reading to find out What your finger shape says about your personality. 

To keep it simple there here are three of the most common shapes.

Type A:  Straight Finger

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People with straight fingers are usually fiercely independent, and hate to rely on others. They are also very strong and can withstand and recover from the most difficult of situations. Those with straight fingers often hide their feelings and emotions from others but are deep down actually very emotional and may get sad often. Despite the hard exterior they are some of the most kind-hearted people you will meet. Fair, honest and helpful to everyone

Type B: Pointed Finger

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People who have pointed fingers are extremely loyal. Once they love someone, they will give them their undivided  attention and will never break their trust. They are also very dedicated and driven. So once they set their mind to something then they won’t stop until they have completed it. People with pointed fingers are often afraid of being hurt due to the fact that they are so loyal and trusting. It is often not reciprocated in the same strong way. They can be very creative people.

Type C: Big Knuckled Finger

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People with big knuckled fingers are the most laid back and on the whole are very easy going. Although they don’t always feel like stepping out of their comfort zone, they’d rather go with the flow rather than taking on new challenges. They can easily let go of things that make them angry. They are very respectful of people’s feelings and always consider what others think before making a decision or taking any action. Big knuckled people hate to hurt other people’s feelings, respect alternative opinions. On a whole they are very sensitive.

So after reading these three types, which one is you? Does the personality traits match you? Thanks for visiting JustFun247!

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