Trust doesn’t come with a refill.

Trust doesn't come with a refill

Trust doesn’t come with a refill. Once it’s gone, you probably won’t get it back and if you do; it will never be the same again & that’s a fact!

The problem with trust is that once it’s gone it is very hard it get back. There are so many reasons for someone to lose trust in a relationship or friendship. Especially in today’s world. There are so many superficial people. Who are only there for their own gain. And we live in a society where everything is so replaceable. People are messing with people’s feeling and just replace them with ‘something better’ when it comes along. There is no commitment. And with lack of commitment comes the lack of trust. It is getting harder and harder to know who is being true and who is faking it. So when you finally learn to trust someone and they break that trust, even if you do go on to forgive them it will never be 100% there. Because it hurts, and you know that you can’t put your faith into that person not to let you down again. In relationships you need to trust each other 100% of one side does something to doubt that trust then you’re in trouble. Trust doesn’t come with a refill.

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