Month called May.

Month called May

I just realised why this month is called May.
It May rain, It May snow, It May be 70 degrees.
It May be 20 degrees.

The month of May is a weird one at the best of times. After the wash out that is usually April, filled with all the april showers we hope that SHOULD be over and done with and better days ahead. Yet May comes along and we just don’t know what we will get. Some days we are truly spoiled with amazing sunshine and warmth, then the next, we have snow storms and blizzards. Ok, that may be a bit OTT on the blizzard front, but after hot weather the sharp decline really does fell bitter.

It is depressing especially after the whole of winter filled with cold and rain. The first hints of Spring is nice but of course still chilly. We get a hint of summer in May and it is so exciting. But of course it is as if it is teasing us. So thats why I have decided that why the month is called May. Because it MAY be anything from sun, snow and everything in between. Keep both sets of clothes handy because from one day to the next you just don’t know what you will need to wear.

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