7 Things Kids Need To Do For Themselves Before They Turn 13.

7 Things Kids Need To Do For Themselves Before They Turn 13

7 Things Kids Need To Do For Themselves Before They Turn 13.

As good parents we are all guilty of spoiling our children from time to time. Letting them get away with little things because you love them and like to do things for them. However by the age of 13 you need to start slowing down on the pampering and get them to step up and manage a few basic day to day things. This is not only for your benefit, you’ll get more free time.  You can’t baby them forever. They need to learn how to handle simple tasks on their own.

So how do you know what teens should be able to do on their own?
Here are 7 Things Kids Need To Do For Themselves Before They Turn 13.

1. Getting themselves out of bed

Any parent of a teen will know the struggle of trying to wake them up.  Teens are associated with sleeping all day and not getting up till noon on the weekends. So when it comes to getting them up for school it is a battle of wills. But in actual fact it shouldn’t be a battle at all.  Once they reach a certain age they should be able to wake themselves up rather than relying on you as a parent to wake them up when needed. It may not seem a big deal but it will cause bad habits for when they become adults. So encourage your teen to set themselves an alarm on their mobile phone if they have one. Not only will save you the stress and get them out of relying on you later on in life.

2. Do their own laundry

If your teen can use a smartphone or tablet then it is time to introduce them to the washing machine! It is not complicated to figure out how to use the washer and so by this age they should be learning the joys of laundry.

If you want to start off simple, then get them to fold and put away their own clothes. Show them how the machine works, the way you separate the clothes ect and ease them into it. It’s that easy.

3. Cook For Themselves

Family meals are important. However it is important to get your children involved in meal preparation and cooking as early as possible. So they not only have a healthy relationship with food but learn basic life skills. We are not saying they need to be pro chefs but by age 13,they should be capable of making  breakfast or lunch without assistance.

It will give them pride in what they have cooked and confidence knowing they can fend for themselves. This will also give you some free time, and ease the pressure of bowing to their every need.

4. Be Able To Talk About Academic Issues With Their Teachers

It can be hard to stay on the sidelines if your child is having issues at school. It would be very natural for most parents to want to step in and try to help. Although as they get older you need to understand the time and the place. Of course if it involves big issues then go ahead and support your child. However if it is smaller issues, like homework ect then your teen needs to learn to talk to their peers. It will prepare them for more  serious discussions they’ll experience as an adult.

5. Not Need You To Rescue Them

Yet again they have forgotten their math book, or their sports kit. Mum to the rescue? Here is when they need to accept it is their responsibility to have their own stuff together, and not have you running to their rescue every time. Of course if it is something they can’t do without (like an inhaler- then you should bring it to them.) But if it is something they can survive without, then it is a good lesson learned and they might learn not to forget it again or make that mistake again.

6. Cleaning their own room

All parents are guilty of shouting, ‘I am not your maid!’ Let them know that when their room gets messy it is down to them to clean it. They need to become responsible for their own space. No one is asking them to clean the whole house top to bottom.You are not a bad parent for asking for help with a few household chores. Simple things like dusting, hoovering or taking out the trash is good for delegating responsibility. Taking care of cleaning their own room should instil pride. And help them learn to take care of their own things.

7. Manage Their Self-Care

By the time your child is in high school they should be able to take responsibility of task relating to their own care. These are simple tasks such as making the bed, or draining the water after a shower, or putting their cup in the sink after use ect.
It’s all the little things that you might still be doing out of habit. Ask yourself can they do this, if so then they should be! Don’t be letting them get away with being waited on. 

You have reached the end of 7 Things Kids Need To Do For Themselves Before They Turn 13. Are there any of these points that you agree or disagree on? It may seem simple but share this to help out other parents who might not be sure on what they should be expecting from their teen.

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